Did you know that Why You Read can be as important as What You Read?

If we could say with absolute certainty Read This Change Your Life™ and with 100% positive results everyone that read what we shared would agree that the writing had changed their life for the better, that would be pretty incredible right?

Would you like to know what we’d suggest you read right now?

In fact we’ve discovered that everyone is different and the biggest thing to learn is that who you are as you read, why you’re reading – your context for the reading – and how you read can be important to the value you gain than what it is your reading.

Well we can’t do it with 100% certainty but we have been reading, sharing and testing the results produced now over decades with thousands of direct participants and even more indirectly.

We’ve now curated a list of 100+ books that we think everyone will get value from, and further 1000s of books and writings which we know can add massive value depending on you, and where you’re at in life and business, your focus and priorities.

We call this:

Read This Change Your Life™
Your Treasure Chest of Words That Inspire and Transform™

Learning really is for life… Read the books and resources listed here, then get in touch when you’re reading to take things to the next level and upgrade even more.

The first book we recommend you read – or re-read – is this:

Think and Grow Rich with the Action Pack by Napoleon Hill

think and grow rich action pack

“We’ve found that the community, environment, structure, process & context for your reading of anything can be as important as the content of the reading in determining the value that you can derive from the process of reading.”

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