Regenerative Leadership

Regenerative LeadershiBy Laura Storm and Giles Hutchins

Regenerative leadership and the online learning journey that I did with Laura Storm – changed my life, I was trying on looking at how to apply permaculture values to business structures when the Cambridge mentor that I was talking with said right you have to read this book.. and it was the answer to all of my questions about how to create living systems in a business structure. I chose to do that in my industry of fashion and the niche here of working with small hives – but this works of course for industry, corporates, governments and community based systems.

The book gathers together and makes clear the various work done by many amazing players in living systems and whole systems thinking, such as the great Donnella Meadows, Daniel Christian Whal, Otto Scharmer, Charles Eisenstein,and the original work of William McDonough & Michael Braungart.

It changed my view on how to build a business, that it doesn’t have to be about one person winning and others loosing in a degenerative way – as it is in our current economic system.  I was able to play and work with applying a balance throughout society. It isn’t that we have to become communists to do this, we can create structures that resemble nature, in nature there is always a balance, it is living and breathing.  As we see in climate change when you upset the balance of an ecosystem injustice and suffering occur.

The book shows us that we can look to reconnect to nature, each other and what we create inside of this re-connection in such a beautiful and powerful way.  It gave me real inspiration and so I started to create my own ecosystem with its principles.

So, if you want to learn more – grab a copy of this – it is AMAZING. 

Rachel Sheila Kan

Sustainability professional in the fashion industry

Founder of Circular Earth and The Ecosystem Incubator (fashion in living systems)