About Read This Change Your Life™

Read This Change Your Life™ has been developed over many decades with thanks to countless partners, publishers, authors and readers. This site represents the tip of the iceberg of what we call Life Long Learning and what is available through The Simple Idea™.

At its simplest a curated collections of books, writings, thoughts and readings that can change lives, inspire and transform.

Beyond the basics, it’s also a vibrant and diverse dynamic creative and collaborative community of readers, commenters, reviewers, editors, authors, publishers, designers, distributors and we hope now you.

We would love you to get involved be it:

Inspiration of Read This Change Your Life

Read This Change Your Life™ was originally invented and inspired by Simon Hedley ( www.SimonHedley.com )

Simon is a major scholar and one of the few modern general comprehensivists, he has read tens of thousands of books from the Ancient classical texts to the modern gems of fiction and thought. He continues to be an avid reader.

Time and again friends, clients and business partners would be struggling with a concept which had already been elegantly addressed by a thought leader or simply explained through story and metaphor. So he was able to share the simple idea, and when they wanted more point them at the book to get further insights and knowledge.

“By reading the seminal texts it’s possible to quickly grasp deeply an understanding and at the same time make course corrections that go onto produce massive effects over time.” – Simon Hedley