Regenerative Leadership

Regenerative LeadershiBy Laura Storm and Giles Hutchins

Regenerative leadership and the online learning journey that I did with Laura Storm – changed my life, I was trying on looking at how to apply permaculture values to business structures when the Cambridge mentor that I was talking with said right you have to read this book.. and it was the answer to all of my questions about how to create living systems in a business structure. I chose to do that in my industry of fashion and the niche here of working with small hives – but this works of course for industry, corporates, governments and community based systems.

The book gathers together and makes clear the various work done by many amazing players in living systems and whole systems thinking, such as the great Donnella Meadows, Daniel Christian Whal, Otto Scharmer, Charles Eisenstein,and the original work of William McDonough & Michael Braungart.

It changed my view on how to build a business, that it doesn’t have to be about one person winning and others loosing in a degenerative way – as it is in our current economic system.  I was able to play and work with applying a balance throughout society. It isn’t that we have to become communists to do this, we can create structures that resemble nature, in nature there is always a balance, it is living and breathing.  As we see in climate change when you upset the balance of an ecosystem injustice and suffering occur.

The book shows us that we can look to reconnect to nature, each other and what we create inside of this re-connection in such a beautiful and powerful way.  It gave me real inspiration and so I started to create my own ecosystem with its principles.

So, if you want to learn more – grab a copy of this – it is AMAZING. 

Rachel Sheila Kan

Sustainability professional in the fashion industry

Founder of Circular Earth and The Ecosystem Incubator (fashion in living systems)

Pause Stop Reset


Pause Stop Reset

Pause Stop Reset™ is an incredible book.

Pause Stop Reset™ is the must read manual for entrepreneurs, business owners and everyone that wants to thrive over the next decade and beyond.

It was written by the award winning author, business man and philanthropist Simon Hedley (You can learn more about Simon here

Simon has brought together a lot of the insights, distinctions and key wisdom that he’s learnt through experience and through working with some of the most creative and insightful minds of our times.

This is a very subtle and powerful book and one you’ll want to revisit.

We were very lucky to attend the prelaunch of the book in London at an amazing venue, where we got to meet Simon and some of his mentees and partners and were truly blown away.

Make sure to click through to the site to be in for a chance to win a 1-1 mentoring session with Simon and also to be part of what looks set to be an incredible movement of people that get this content and apply it.

Karen Kennaby

Karen Kennaby

Increasingly my work is with women who know they have a big message to share.

Sometimes they know what that is and are ready to share, or are already sharing, their inspiration.

Other times it is not yet fully clear and they need inspiration. Sometimes both.

My life over the last decade and a bit has had me travelling and living all over the world, that has brought wonderful insights – whether working with expats or locals.

My work background – training as a chef, working in hotel management, founding and running a successful event management company for 21 years, a disastrous foray into property at the wrong time, doing internet marketing, “discovering”​ coaching/mentoring about 11 years ago, speaking and presenting – have given me knowledge, wisdom and insights that I share and use to help other women create a journey that suits them, their values and their dreams.

Discovering the way, over a decade ago now, to get rid of irritable bowel syndrome and lose excess weight, and to be permanently rid of them to this day, gives me a blueprint to share with women wishing to sustainably lose weight or eat more healthily

Liking to hear and share other peoples stories and being happy on stage, on screen and on air gives me a platform to share the message of so many wonderful (primarily) women making a real difference in the world – whether that world is an intimate and small one or is more global.

Enjoying travel and being something of a global nomad enables me to reach women around the world – not just flying in for a day or two but living in different parts of the world and really getting to know the women there – their issues, their challenges, their successes and joys.

My life is a journey – literally and metaphorically. I’d love to hear about yours. How might we connect to inspire more? To create more joy and connection in the world? To be the change?

I look forward to talking with you to find out how we might do that…do get in touch,

[email protected]


The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

I’d heard of this but then started seeing references to it “everywhere” – a sure sign it was time to read it! I couldn’t put it down and allowed myself the luxury of reading and being inspired for hours.

I was aware of the concept of being in our Zone of Genius and of course in my mentoring/coaching I spend much time working with clients on “limiting beliefs” but the way Gay Hendricks explains the 4 – yes, just 4 – Upper Limit Problems that prevent us living a life of abundance, love and success really resonated and I could see that one was still in play after all these years and $s spent on personal & spiritual development.

In the process of reading – combined with listening to Denise Duffield-Thomas (author of Get Rich Lucky Bitch) – I came up with a complete new business model that truly has me in my Zone of Genius and encapsulates everything I love, have done, learnt and aspire to thus far.

If you have a knowing that you can be more, do more and have more but feel as though you are operating with a limiter in place read this book.


Review by:

Shibumi, by Trevanian

Shibumi, by Trevanian

I was asked to read this book by a mentor of mine and at first I really couldn’t get into it.

It is a deep and profound story highlighting the massive difference in culture between Japan and the West, especially American. Reading it I felt a great admiration for the attention to detail, sophistication and subtlety of the Japanese culture and something bordering on disgust for the crassness of the American ways – but that is how it is written and how we are “supposed” to feel I’m sure.

Some of it I felt went on for too long, for example some of the cave passages but one chapter in particular I found fascinating with many deep insights into nature, culture and character – the chapter with Monsieur de Lhandes. In fact this chapter was a real highlight of the book for me… and I love this quote “one of the difficult things for egocentric Man to face is that he is a minor character in every biography but his own” – which is of course why people worry unnecessarily about what people think of them because the reality is they probably aren’t thinking about them at all they are too self obsessed!

I can see that paying acute attention to subtlety, detail, attaining perfection for its own sake is possibly true mastery and that honour can be an elusive but prized attribute. But as a generalist rather than a specialist I found the fixations to be bordering on obsessions which appear to lead more to agony and heartbreak than to contentment and joy and as such it left me moved but questioning and wanting something different.


More Resources:

How to Make Love All the Time: Make Love Last a Lifetime

How to Make Love All the Time: Make Love Last a Lifetime

By Barbara De Angelis

Everyone who is in a relationship strives for it to be ‘perfect’, however no one has really taught the world how.  Barbara De Angelis does know the answers to a happy, passionate relationship and explains it all in ‘Making Love Every Moment’.HTMLATTRTCYL

Barbara is  internationally recognized as one of the foremost experts on human relations and personal growth, and imparts all her knowledge and wisdom about relationships in a simple and easy to understand format.

The book shows you how to manage your emotions easily and Barbara gives you practical tools to do so.

Regardless of if you’re already in a relationship, looking for one, or just having a rough journey, this books will in no doubt open you up to some interesting ideas.



Consciously Creating Circumstances

Consciously Creating Circumstances

By George Winslow Plummer

Some of us assign good luck and coincidence with random events,  but as Consciously Creating Circumstances explores, perhaps these circumstances are not so random at all.cccrtcyl

Published in 1935, George Window Plummer explores the idea that human beings have natural powers inside them.  We can access these powers by tuning into our   contemporary alchemical philosophy of the Christian Mystics..

George Winslow Plummer  also shows you how to tune into those powers, and use them for personal and financial success.

Anything is possible, and this book has been said to contain “metaphysical dynamite” which can, and will, change your outlook on life.


The Millennial Project: Colonising the Galaxy in Eight Easy Steps

The Millennial Project: Colonising the Galaxy in Eight Easy Steps

By Marshall T. Savage

The Millennial Project expands your perception of the world to length that exceed this world and is the ‘blueprint for the future of the American Space Programme’.

The book presents eight easy steps to which anyone can easily colonise the entire galaxy, and exponentially grow the population of the human race.TMPMTS

Human kind has been restricted to just that- being human. But what Marshall T Savage  hopes this book will unlock, is the ability for humankind to think of itself outside the constraints of Earth.

From floating sea cities to lunar ecospheres, Marshall T Savage explains the interesting ways to taking over the galaxy, it even explores the dream of harnessing anti-matter for fuel.

The Millennial Project is deeply inspiring, and has the ability to extend your thinking.

The Thousandth Man by Rudyard Kipling

The Thousandth Man by Rudyard Kipling

ONE man in a thousand, Solomon says.
Will stick more close than a brother.
And it’s worth while seeking him half your days
If you find him before the other.

Nine hundred and ninety-nine depend
On what the world sees in you,
But the Thousandth Man will stand your friend
With the whole round world agin you.

‘Tis neither promise nor prayer nor show
Will settle the finding for ‘ee.
Nine hundred and ninety-nine of ’em go
By your looks, or your acts, or your glory.

But if he finds you and you find him,
The rest of the world don’t matter;
For the Thousandth Man will sink or swim
With you in any water.

You can use his purse with no more talk
Than he uses yours for his spendings,
And laugh and meet in your daily walk
As though there had been no lendings.

Nine hundred and ninety-nine of ’em call
For silver and gold in their dealings;
But the Thousandth Man he’s worth ’em all
Because you can show him your feelings.

His wrong’s your wrong, and his right’s your right,
In season or out of season.
Stand up and back it in all men’s sight
With that for your only reason!

Nine hundred and ninety-nine can’t bide
The shame or mocking or laughter,
But the Thousandth Man will stand by your side
To the gallows-foot – and after!


Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée

Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée

Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée

Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée CBE is the best selling author of Fly High, Land Safely: The Definitive Book on Career Transition for Executives.  She is a renowned international speaker, award winning author and founder of Beacon Organisational Development.

She is a business psychologist with a tapestry of experience across health services, education and the voluntary sector, focused in three areas:

  1. Leadership Development
  2. Living with Passion
  3. Leaving a Legacy

She has been honoured three times by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 as follows:

  • Her Majesty’s Queen Elizabeth 11 Medal for Health Service Innovation, July 2013
  • Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE) for Health Service Development, New Year’s Honours List, 2012
  • Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) for Nursing Leadership, New Year’s Honours List, 1999

She is committed to developing a cadre of leaders to: find the passion and genius in themselves and others; unleash their creativity; freedom and joy and to live extraordinary lives with authenticity and power.

Key phrases that people say about Neslyn are, Neslyn is:

  •  Spiritually connected, passionate, visionary and focused
  • True to herself and others
  • Tenacious, resolute and determined
  • Very skilled in enabling others to think for themselves
  • Compassionate and forthright
  • A light, salt and spice of life
  • Masterful with the maintenance of relationships
  • Open to dealing with the emotions of others as well as her own emotions
  • A brilliant coach and mentor
 She is also an ambassador for

Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée