Karen Kennaby

Karen Kennaby

Increasingly my work is with women who know they have a big message to share.

Sometimes they know what that is and are ready to share, or are already sharing, their inspiration.

Other times it is not yet fully clear and they need inspiration. Sometimes both.

My life over the last decade and a bit has had me travelling and living all over the world, that has brought wonderful insights – whether working with expats or locals.

My work background – training as a chef, working in hotel management, founding and running a successful event management company for 21 years, a disastrous foray into property at the wrong time, doing internet marketing, “discovering”​ coaching/mentoring about 11 years ago, speaking and presenting – have given me knowledge, wisdom and insights that I share and use to help other women create a journey that suits them, their values and their dreams.

Discovering the way, over a decade ago now, to get rid of irritable bowel syndrome and lose excess weight, and to be permanently rid of them to this day, gives me a blueprint to share with women wishing to sustainably lose weight or eat more healthily

Liking to hear and share other peoples stories and being happy on stage, on screen and on air gives me a platform to share the message of so many wonderful (primarily) women making a real difference in the world – whether that world is an intimate and small one or is more global.

Enjoying travel and being something of a global nomad enables me to reach women around the world – not just flying in for a day or two but living in different parts of the world and really getting to know the women there – their issues, their challenges, their successes and joys.

My life is a journey – literally and metaphorically. I’d love to hear about yours. How might we connect to inspire more? To create more joy and connection in the world? To be the change?

I look forward to talking with you to find out how we might do that…do get in touch,

[email protected]


Shibumi, by Trevanian

Shibumi, by Trevanian

I was asked to read this book by a mentor of mine and at first I really couldn’t get into it.

It is a deep and profound story highlighting the massive difference in culture between Japan and the West, especially American. Reading it I felt a great admiration for the attention to detail, sophistication and subtlety of the Japanese culture and something bordering on disgust for the crassness of the American ways – but that is how it is written and how we are “supposed” to feel I’m sure.

Some of it I felt went on for too long, for example some of the cave passages but one chapter in particular I found fascinating with many deep insights into nature, culture and character – the chapter with Monsieur de Lhandes. In fact this chapter was a real highlight of the book for me… and I love this quote “one of the difficult things for egocentric Man to face is that he is a minor character in every biography but his own” – which is of course why people worry unnecessarily about what people think of them because the reality is they probably aren’t thinking about them at all they are too self obsessed!

I can see that paying acute attention to subtlety, detail, attaining perfection for its own sake is possibly true mastery and that honour can be an elusive but prized attribute. But as a generalist rather than a specialist I found the fixations to be bordering on obsessions which appear to lead more to agony and heartbreak than to contentment and joy and as such it left me moved but questioning and wanting something different.


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Second Chance by Robert Kiyosaki

Second Chance

By Robert Kiyosaki

I was recommended to read this by a friend who has taken part in coaching with the Rich Dad team. She told me it would give me a whole new perspective on assets and the current state of finance, economics and the world stage. It did.

Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and many others) explains – in an easily read way – how finances, education, politics are all controlled by the very wealthy to further benefit them BUT far from being “rich bashing” it demonstrates how to think differently, how to act as the wealthy do and how to learn the art of true success and true wealth.

Forewarned is fore armed and Robert’s forecasting of another crash, bigger than ever before, in or around 2016 (which he made in 2002) and which was influenced by the work of Bucky Buckminster Fuller flags up what we can do to attempt to avert this individually and globally.

His wisdom on different types of intelligence and the evident necessity for a different kind of education, which isn’t still firmly rooted in the Industrial Age, rings so true that you wonder why this isn’t our reality…but he shares his insights on what is holding the change back too.

If you think you need to get out of debt, think again. If you think you need savings, forget it. If you believe stocks and shares will provide for your old age, start to question it…quickly. For a fresh and insightful view of true assets, real cashflow and abundance read this book.

By Karen Kennaby